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Client Feedback – Palace Hotel San Francisco 2013:


“Hi Terry, I really enjoyed your band’s music on Monday night at the Palace Hotel for the New Ventures West gala. I didn’t get to come up after the show and say hello, but I was really excited by your arrangements. I was impressed at how you got people on the dance floor playing instrumentals. I’ve seen a lot of folks who have difficulty relating to music without vocals.  Way to Go! I don’t know when I’ll be back in SF, but whenever that is, I’ll be sure to look you up. With warm regards.” Randy Austill.


Client Feedback – Solo Piano, Presidential Suite Intercontinental Hotel San Francisco 2010:


“Terry thanks so much for you contribution to our Firewater ’10 party at the Presidential Suite. It was great to hear your solo piano playing. You have a great ear and did a wonderful job. We got a ton of compliments!” Michael Scully – Appfire, North America software service provider.


Fan Feedback – “Live at the Burritt Room” CD 2013:


“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the new “Live” CD. I know that I listened to it each day since you sent it to me & I love it! The videos you produced at the Burritt Room are fantastic as well. Your friends did a great job considering the space and the angles that they were limited to. Pure Joy! I am so glad that you are producing CDs and videos through these years. I have a lot of your music on the I-pod at work as background music. It fits really well with the events that we do. Your music just gets better and better through the years – again, Pure Joy!” Jim Theodorelos, Maitre’d – Vintner’s Inn Event Center, Santa Rosa CA


Celebrity Feedback – Private Event, Jardiniere, San Francisco 2010:


“Thank you for your beautifully chosen notes.”Sir Michael Tilson Thomas, Music Director for the San Francisco Symphony on Terry’s solo piano performance.


Celebrity Feedback – Jazz Trio, Ana Mandara, San Francisco 2002:


“I was most impressed with his piano playing” Tony Bennett – international recording artist.


Celebrity Feedback – Studio Sessions:


“I have been a professional musician for 25 years, and in that time have worked with some of the best musicians in the world. Terry Disley is such a person.” Bryan Ferry – international recording artist.


Professional Feedback – Tokyo Concerts w/ Dave Stewart & Terry Hall:


“He performed with Dave Stewart opening for Bob Dylan – without him the event would not have received the acclaim it did. I know of no other keyboard player with his talents” John Gaydon – producer of the Healing Power of Music Seminar, Tokyo, Japan 1995.


Professional Feedback – London, Cannes, LA Studio Sessions:


“I have known Terry through his work with Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), and have seen him work on film scores, advertising jingles, and records with many artists. He is as comfortable playing classical music with a symphony orchestra as he is playing with the biggest names in popular music” Eileen Gregory – LA assistant to Dave Stewart.


Professional Feedback – Church Studio sessions:


“Terry is an incredibly talented player writer and arranger with very specialized skills” Lise Price – Manager of the Church Studio London & assistant to Dave Stewart.


Professional Feedback – Yoshi’s 2008:


“Hi Terry! The Yoshi’s show was marvelous! The instrumentalists were excellent and the way you presented them was perfect. The crowd was so appreciative and all your efforts seemed to pay off. I commend you Terry… for your musicianship, of course… but also for your determination and willingness to ‘play to the people’ and cater to their diverse musical tastes. You have accomplished so much in the promotion of your music since I’ve met you. I’ve been listening to the CD all morning and I’ll definitely play a couple of tracks tonight on my show…Let’s talk soon, Pete.” Pete Fallico KSCM Jazz Radio.


Professional Feedback:


“His musical contribution on the films Beautiful Girls (Matt Dillon, Uma Thurman), The Ref (Kevin Spacey, Denis Leary), & Monument Avenue (Denis Leary) was invaluable to me as a director – he has an uncanny ability to interpret what is on the screen. His skill is exceptional” Ted Demme – Movie Director.


Fan Feedback – Yoshis 2008:


“It was good to hear your songs at a great venue. This is where you belong – and I hope there are more gigs like this to come. I really meant what I said – If I won a lotto, I’d finance you to do a world tour. Your music needs to be heard!” Reggie Smith.


Fan Feedback – “Live at the Burritt Room” CD 2013:


“Hey Terry, Listened to the CD the other night – Whoa! What an eclectic brew, Floyd, Plant, Mingus, Sting……As usual, your arrangements are creative, giving a new groove to a variety of music. And, of course performed impeccably. What a guy!  What a group! Life is good!”  Fred Greaves


Fan Feedback – Yoshi’s 2008:


“Congratulations – what a fabulous night!!! Terry – once again you proved to your fans and the world that you are one of the most talented musicians of our time. Bravo to you two, I’m thrilled to be a part of Johlgren/Disley history in the making…lots of love to you my dear friends…” Sandra Elhert.


Professional Feedback – 2010:

“The best kept musical secret in the World will soon be known to all! Dang! Oh well, I wanted you all to myself! I guess I can’t be selfish.” Scott Nakatani Music / Events Journalist.


Fan Feedback – London Underground CD:


“Hi Terry, London Underground has become my painting partner and wow, I think this is your most complete offering to date. It really rocks on many levels and my favorites have become TOY TOWN and HIDING OUT. Those two just get me going til’ I’m moving and painting all at once. I have been giving the CD’s away and the comeback is terrific. My doctor’s office called the other day to say the whole staff is rocking to London Underground between patients!” Dean Gioia, Artist.


Fan Feedback 2013:


“I can only say “ditto” to all of the above reviews, and from some of the most talented musicians themselves! Terry’s musical genius talents shine in everything he does. Have been listening for 83 years now and my experienced ears are very grateful to have found him.” Credit is: Erna Ziegler #1 Disley fan & Patron of the Arts.


Fan Feedback – Miramar Half Moon Bay 2013:


“Congrats on the 10 year anniversary playing piano @ the Miramar!  I’m happy to have been there to hear you play 3 or 4 times over all those years, Terry. Thanks for such good communication, and making me feel special. Yes!  I AM one of Terry’s biggest fans, even if I can’t see him as often as I’d like to. Will see you again soon.” Trish Hahn.


Ted Hasiuk Review, Jazz Lynx, Canadian Jazz Radio 2008:

“Perhaps best known in Smooth Jazz circles through his association with Acoustic Alchemy, Disley wrote 2 compositions for the Grammy nominated Back on the Case album….” more

Jazz Lynx



Professional Feedback:


“Terry is a consummate musician and a major talent as a pianist and composer” Chris Standring – Smoothjazz Artist.




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  1. Erna Ziegler says:

    I can only say “ditto” to all of the above reviews, and from some of the most talented musicians themselves! Terry’s musical genius talents shine in everything he does. Have been listening for 83 years now and my experienced ears are very grateful to have found him .

  2. DAN WEINSTEIN says:

    You’re the tops..I play Burrit disc night & day.
    You make me feel good..who needs a shrink.-

  3. Long Tran says:

    I usually go to Rincon Center, SF at noon just to hear you interpreting the likes of “Stairway To Heaven”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Thank you for arranging such beautiful pieces. You truly symbolize l’art pour l’art

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